Rules and Regulations

Interestingly, some documents still exist that speak to how Camp Charlevoix was administered. These documents are part of the foundation, the guiding principals that made the camp a successful venture for many, many years.

In today’s parlance Ken Smith had a Mission Statement and a camping philosophy that guided the operation of the camp and his selection of campers and counselors. It was called:

           The Purposes of Camping at Camp Charlevoix.

Each year counselors were informed as to when to be at camp and what to expect to do when they got there. The link below is to a Bulletin sent to counselors going to the camp in 1960.

           Camp Charlevoix   Staff Bulletin  1960

There were also other rules that were to be followed by the counselors and by campers.

           Counselor Rules

            Supervision Ruls

            Business Office Rules

            Waterfront Rules

Occasionally, both campers and counselors were issued instructions, as was the case with this sign that was posted by Ken and Ruby.  This sign was posted one year when the camp had a particularly attractive nurse and campers and counselors alike were more prone to being sick more often.

           Keep Out Sign

And finally there was the daily schedule that was heralded in each morning with the morning Wake-up bell, followed by the Activity bell and then by the End of Rest Hour bell.

           Daily Schedule

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