Newsletter, Song Book, Post Cards and Certificates, etc.

Kent Gibbs had the document below in his collection of Charlevoix memorabilia. It is a copy of what was called the Thunderbird Newsletter. Also part of that collection was a post card that was to be sent to parents some time in the 1950s or 60s. Another part of Kent's collection was a series of articles that were printed in the Charlevoix newspaper during the camp year. One article was written for each week of camp. The articles were written for the 1961 camping season.

            Thunderbird Newsletter

            Postcard to Parents

            Letters Home

            NewsRound-up At Camp Charlevoix

Many may remember the camp post cards that were prominently displayed in the Camp Office/Store. As campers we always bought those cards to be used for the required letter writing home.

            Post Cards of The Camp and of Charlevoix

And who could forget the camp song book and those many times after a noon meal or evening meal that everyone sang the old favorites… Oh We’re From Charlevoix or What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor…to name but a few.

            Song Book

And who could forget Cabin Inspection time in the mornings. Sweeping that cabin floor one more time to get the sand out or filling the fire bucket down at the dock or in the Senior John!  So you gotta remember this…

            Cabin Inspection form

Camp was always a place for recognition. If you done “good”, you were recognized at announcement time or at the end of the week when “Activity Stars” were announced.  And at the end of the camping season, you received your Official Camp Charlevoix Certificate of Achievement that listed all the activities you had taken and the stars you had been awarded.

            Official Camp Charlevoix Certificate of Achievement - Murfin

            Official Camp Charlevoix Certificate of Achievement -  Gibbs/Cooper

For some activities there were special certificates. This was the case for Riflery and for Archery.



What is Charlevoix: A piece written by the Head of the Waterfront in 1967

            What is Charlevoix

1963 At Camp: A piece written by Counselor Terry Ward about where life takes us

            1963 At Camp

After Ken and Ruby retired from camp, they continued to be in touch with some of the many campers and counselors who had spent many a summer at Charlevoix

            Holiday Letter 1972

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