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In the fall of 2003, when I began to assemble all of the content for the camp web site, I knew of only two Camp Charlevoix brochures. The first was one prepared for the camp's Season 27 in 1953 and the second was prepared for Season 41 in 1967.   Then in 2005,  Willard Kerr, a camper in the 1940s, sent me a brochure that appeared to have been of 1942 or 1941 vintage. It turned out to be from 1941, but that was the first clue that more brochures had been produced.  I had no idea that during the early years of the camp's history, a new brochure or "year book" as it was sometimes referred to, may have been produced every year.

Thanks to Russ Washburn, some of those brochures from the early years of the camp's existence are now available to see, starting with the camp's second season in 1928 when it was located near Ironton on Lake Charlevoix. In the 1930 brochure there is an announcement that the camp moved to a new location on Lake Charlevoix, called Limberlost. This location was along the shore of Oyster Bay.

Russ has given me the opportunity to share with you SEVEN brochures and TWO promotional flyers starting in the late 1920s and going into the 1930s and the early 1940s.  These are added to the 1941, 1953 and 1967 season brochures that were already on the site.  All of these brochures are full of interesting images and most of all wonderful descriptions of camp life told in words of the times. In reading these, one must remember why they were being printed in the first place. These were really sales brochures, designed to sell to the parents of young boys, a wonderful camping experience at Camp Charlevoix.  Looking back at these brochures today, one finds a rich history unfolding that explains why the camp became such a wonderful "Growing Up" experience for so many young men.

The brochures were wonderful and now add to the history of camp. Certainly it was the experiences at camp of the young campers that sold the camp to prospective parents.  Kids who had a great time told other kids and they in turn told their parents and so on. These brochures helped to convey the message, but ultimately the 45 years of camping seasons at Camp Charlevoix was sustained on the excellence of the camping experience of each boy who attended.

1928 Season  (2nd)

1929 Season  (3rd)

1930 Season  (4th)

1932 Season  (6th)

1933 Season   (7th)

1936 Season    (10th)

1939 Season   (13th)  Eight  page Flyer

1941 Season   (15th)

1944  Season  (18th)  Four page Flyer

1953 Season  (27th)

1959 Season  (32nd)

1963 Season  (36th)

1967 Season  (41st)

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