Camp Histories

There are two histories presented.

The first is by Lewis C. Reimann the original founder and owner of Camp Charlevoix.

The second is by Ken Smith and Jim Land, a counselor at the camp for a number of years. They used the first history and brought it up to date, as of 1958.

Reimann History

Smith History

In March of 2005, Russ Washburn sent me a number of images he had scanned from a scrapbook that had been created by Roe and Don McAlpine.  These two boys were campers at Charlevoix in the 1920s and appeared on many of the pages in the 1927, 1928 and 1929 brochures.  There was not a date on the book, but it would appear that it was created about the time that the camp was physically moved from around Ironton to its final location at the head of Oyster Bay on Lake Charlevoix.  Because of the poor condition of the pages in the scrapbook, Russ was unable to scan all the pages, but what he did capture is a very interesting look at the birth of a new camp site that was to endure for some 40 more years.

The Scrapbook

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