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> > Dear Gary,

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> > I am sitting in my office really sad that I am not enroute to Charlevoix to join what will surely be a wonderful memory filled weekend with so many dear friends!

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> > As I read the list of alumni planning to attend, I recalled each face and so many funny memories came back to me!  One that I will carry me forever is of Dick "Rebel" Thompson reading to us in cabin 7 ... this was 1957 ... It was my first year at Charlevoix and I was so homesick I thought that I was going to die ... Rebel would read to us each night ... Bob Neff was our counselor and the book was Moby Dick ... what I remember most was Rebel and his deep southern accent having trouble with the word "frigate"  ... it always came out "freeaigaite!"

> >

> > I would give my eye teeth to be there and sing "once Again We Come Together" and "Oh We're From Charlevoix" and the Wiffen Poof  Song!  So many years have passed yet so many of my memories are so vivid!  I wash that I could be there to raise a glass and reminisce.

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> > Attached is a picture of me and our oldest daughter taken at her wedding 3 weeks ago ... the smile on my face is for being her dad ... but I have another one on right now thinking about dear old Charlevoix!  Have a ball!

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> > Ace Hoyt

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Friday, August 21, 2009



Hi Gary, 


By now you are all enjoying a beer at Oyster Point and watching yet another beautiful Michigan Sunset ... 40+ years ago right about now we were all taking down the dock and stacking it on the beach and putting the snipe fleet in the boathouse for yet another winter.


Please say to Dan "Kookie" Ross for me ... I am still jealous if the 1957 Chevy convertible that he had at camp ... Jerry Flora had a 1960 Ford Falcon convertible as well.


When you go to the old camp site please take a leak for me in "Sneak a Leak Creek"!  some memories just don't change.


I can't wait to see the pictures and how gracefully everyone has aged!  Have a great weekend.




Ace Hoyt

General Manager - West

ClarkWestern(tm) Building Systems

6510 General Drive

Riverside, CA 92509



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Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 10:50:46 -0400

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Subject: Charlevoix Reunion]

From: Steve Wardrop <swardrop@lrionline.com>

Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 10:49:06 -0400


Dear Gary & All My Fellow Charlevoix Friends,

I've waited as long as I can to see if it was going to be in the cards for me to make this memorable event.  And very sadly, I cannot.

The event I thought might take priority (namely baby-sitting with my wife, Diane, with our two granddaughters for 1/2 week) was put off till October,

so no conflict.

/Then/ I had to wait to see which week-end would be the birthday party for our one-year old granddaughter, as our sons & their kids come back to

Atlanta to celebrate.  Even though her actual birthday is this Friday, the celebration isn't taking place till the first week-end in September.

Things were lookin' up .  .  .

Then, just last week, our oldest son who is a single Dad to our 7 year old grandson, got word that he will very likely be asked to transfer out of

state.  And pretty quickly.  Based upon his schedule, the best week-end to do this wound up being - well, you guessed it - THIS week-end!!  So, instead

of heading "Up North" to celebrate with y'all, I'm heading South to the panhandle of Florida to help him scout things out.  You guys will be in the

70's (HOPE it gets that warm!) and we'll be pushing 100!

I see all the names in Gary's email chain and it made me very sad to write this.   Like all of you, Charlevoix has been an extremely special part of my

life, and is right in there with God and my parents as the three largest influences in my life.  And each and every one of you had something to do with

that.  (so stand up and face the music now!)

Just kidding about the last line.

I LOVE Camp Charlevoix & Charlevoix in general.  We were so busy having fun back then, there was no way we would know just how special those days and

nights were, and how we'd come to cherish them.  I had so many - 13 seasons - of memories there.  I can still remember the cabins I was in:  3 , 7, 11,

13, 16, 18, 18 again (did you know they had "remedial" camp??), 21, then C-I-T (2 years), Ass't. Counselor, and Full Counselor (2 years).

I remember Ken visiting our home each year - especially the initial visit when I was _begging_ my Mom & Dad to send me for 4 weeks.  I was 6.   I

remember being ganged-up on by others during a Junior Section activity night/pillow fight.  And when I went to pick up my pillowcase to defend myself,

I couldn't lift it because someone had put rocks in it & I couldn't even lift it.   I wrote some pathetic, heart-wrenching tale of woe to Katie & John

. .  something like, "I don't like it here.  I want to come home"  (remember we had to write home twice a week and hand them in as our 'meal ticket' at

night?)  And of course parents couldn't visit until the end of the first two weeks.  It was the summer of 1955.  I think Mom was driving a

Thunderbird.  I raced across the parking lot from Cabin # 3 to see them, and as Mom bent down to hug her little baby boy, I said, "Mom! Dad! Can I stay

for the *next* 4 weeks?!  And, can I sign up for next summer now?  If I do, I can go on the Mackinaw Trip!!"  My Mother's heart was shattered.  I'm

not sure if our relationship ever fully recovered from that event.

I remember trying to keep all the Nylands and Washburns names & faces straight.  I remember sailing with Doug Laing, learning archery from "Rebel" - 1

of my counselors and 1 of our great legends!   And Dan Ross teaching me to shoot a rifle.  I was to go on and eventually head up that activity

department years later.  And, every season in Chapel,  learning about old and new basketballs as a life lesson from Bill Townsend and his real job down

in S.E. Indiana - where "Hoosiers" took place.   (you might not have thought we were listening, Bill - - but, we were!)   I've been in some great

churches and cathedrals in the U.S. and in Europe - but none can compare with the simple beauty of that birch wood cross and the rocking benches,

looking West through the spruce and pines toward the Oyster Bar arm of Lake Charlevoix!

I do hope you'll take LOTS of photos, and that the ones that won't incriminate anyone get put on a website or distributed somehow.  (Let's see: the

ones that won't get anyone in trouble . . . h-m-m-m = could be a small group!)

What I wouldn't give to get a box of "Good n' Plentys" and a bag of "Sugar Babies" at candy day again!

To hear the counselors sing at the final banquet.   (can all of you close your eyes and hear "The Whiffenpoof Song" or "The Halls of Ivy"?)

The final relay race.  The final campfire with Rodney Deyo.   The final rodeo.

Does anyone know where the Fernstrums are now?  Last I knew, I think David was an atty. in G.R.  Or John Richardson?

Or John Deane?

And, oh - so many others!

I know a lot of work and coordination has gone on with a lot of people and I applaud your efforts!  I hope the weather is perfect!  If not, be sure to

pack your green V-neck sweater with the Arrow "C" sewn on the front!   Either way, the warmth of this unique fraternity and the camaraderie that so

evidently still exists will warm every room and event.

"Oh we're from Charlevoix  -  Charlevoix,

Best in all the land,

Joy on every hand,

Oh, we're from Charlevoix  -  _*Charlevoix!

*_*THAT'S where the tall pines grow!"


While my body will be on the Gulf Coast with Tyler & Havyn . .  my heart, soul & mind will be with all of you!!


Sincerely & sadly,

Steve D. Wardrop

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