Camp Charlevoix
The Best Growing Up Experience Ever

Every summer from 1953 to 1962 I spent at Camp Charlevoix in Charlevoix Michigan. These were summers filled with magic, not Harry Potter-style magic, but the magic of being in the outdoors, learning new skills and making new friends. I have never forgotten my experiences as a camper. Most of all I have never forgotten the wonderful kids who were my pals every summer, as well as the camp counselors and camp staff, many of whom were memorable in their own right. As a camp counselor during my college years, I supervised many young boys and I have often wondered where their journey in life has taken them.

Every year for many years, as the summer months roll around, my thoughts have returned to those many summer weeks, years ago that were spent in the great outdoors of northern Michigan. I wonder who is still around, who remembers all those years ago and whether my experiences there were as significant to others as I think they were to me.

So, rather than just think about it each year, I decided to put a web site together in an effort to find “old” campers and counselors (as many of us are getting up there in age, admit it or not). I want this site to be a place to share stories and renew long ago acquaintances.

I am hoping that some people will find this site and be in a position to contribute pictures and stories about camping days at Charlevoix.

While the concept for the site is of my making, I was fortunate to find and enlist the help of Bill Townsend, the camp’s Director for many years. Bill spent many hours, scanning photos and documents from his own vast collection and it is his material that forms the core of what you see on the site. I was also able to obtain some materials from Lee Fernstrum, Kent Gibbs, Dan Ross and Spotty Adams to add to my own photos and documents of various sorts. I have talked to Julie and to Rusty and they have given me encouragement to launch the site.

This is a little like throwing a bottle into the ocean and hoping someone finds it. My hope is that there are still some Greens and Greys out there somewhere who are ready to run the Mugwump again (if only in our dreams). By the way, if you had forgotten the rules, they are posted on the site. They are circa 1956, according to the heading on the document I took from the dining hall bulletin board all those many years ago.

Gary Murfin
Summers of ’53 to ’62
Camper, CIT, and Counselor
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