Camp Forum

What’s This For?

This is the place for you to tell some tall stories, try to track down a former camp mate, or talk story with old friends.

I am sure there are some priceless stories you may remember about things that happened at camp when you were there. If so, then maybe it is time to share them again.

And maybe you have always wondered what happened to the campers and counselors you knew way back then. Just what path did they go down in life? Where are they now? And, are they still doing those dumb (or cool) things you remember them for!

So here in the Forum you can post messages under two main headings: 1) Whatever Happened To ….? and 2) Do You Remember?  Or, you can suggest another topic that would be of interest to other former campers and counselors.

For example, under Whatever Happened To..?, please leave messages for old friends or inquire of others if they know where former camp mates can be found.

In order to get the ball rolling under the heading of Do You Remember?, I have identified a number of topics that may bring to mind special stories. These topics are by no means all inclusive. You may want to add a few. If so, please click on the Add Topic link and a new topic can be added. Then it is up to you to write that story.

Rules & Regs

Just like at Camp…there are some rules.

When writing stories and messages that will be posted on this public site:
1) Please refrain from using inappropriate language and
2) Respect the privacy of others
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