Special People.

There are a number of people who deserve special recognition for their contribution to camp life. In fact, without them there would not have been a camp of the same caliber as was Camp Charlevoix. Certainly Lewis C. Reimann and his wife, the founders of Camp Charlevoix in the 1920s, must be recognized. They built the foundation for the character building camping experience that was to become synonymous with Camp Charlevoix. There are not many photos of "Chief" Reimann, but he and his wife are seen in the early brochures and the Chief is shown in a few other photos from the 1940s.

The Reimanns were followed by Ken and Ruby Smith whose many years of hard work and their passion for camping created priceless experiences and memories for thousands of campers.

Others too made their mark on the camping experience at Charlevoix. Bill Townsend was camp director for many years and greatly contributed to its on-going success right up to its closing in 1971.

And finally, not to be forgotten, are the Cooks at camp and the various Kitchen Crews who worked to put great meals on every table. Let there be no doubt that young campers looked forward to each and every meal. I can remember many times giving The Cooks (and the Kitchen Crew) a Chinese Toast for a truly outstanding meal that appeared on our cabin table.

           The Reimanns

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