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One of the goals of this site is to encourage former campers and counselors to send in digital scans of old camp photos or digital pictures of other memorabilia that can be posted to the site.

Take a look at What's New every so often for new material that has been placed on the web site.

If you have photos or other items of interest to share, please use the Guestbook to let us know.

Jul 04, 2008 Competition Target found by Gary Murfin.
Jul 04, 2008 Camp Grounds from 1950s Gary Murfin.
Jun 01, 2008 Photos from 1950s found by Gary Murfin Gary Murfin.
Feb 12, 2006 Camp Documents found by Dan Ross.
Jan 15, 2006 More photos from Russ Washburn.
Jan 01, 2006 Photos in McAlpine Scrapbook from Russ Washburn See History Section
Jul 25, 2005 Charlevoix Historical Society photos courtesy of Dave Miles.
Jul 24, 2005 Photos from camper EB (Ernie) Kelly.
Jul 23, 2005 Track the history of the camp through past brochures…New Brochures Section.
Apr 24, 2005 Unsung Heroes at Camp: The Kitchen Crew.
Mar 23, 2005 Russ Washburn brings you the 1938 or 1939 camp brochure.
Mar 02, 2005 Do you remember this Thunderbird? Thunderbird Structure
Mar 01, 2005 Anyone remember the dances?      Chippewa brochure
Feb 19, 2005 Look at the great new "1940s" section here: All new Collection.
Jan 05, 2005 Many new photos added here: New Images Gallery.
May 29, 2004 You can now see who has signed the guestbook: Guestbook.
Mar 26, 2004 Check out new photos here: New Images Gallery.
Mar 20, 2004 Check out the new Campcharlevoix Forum pages.
Feb 10, 2004 The new Guestbook is now working.
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